bike and cycling gear reviews for the philippines

Philippines Bike and Cycling Gear Reviews

Why and How To Test a Bike Frame, Size, and Functionality

reviewing bikes in the philippines

Shopping online has many great advantages of convenience but doesn’t provide much in the way of trying products out before buying. This is normally not a problem. But, when it comes to buying the bike of your dreams, you will want to hop astride the two-wheeled mode of transportation and ensure it suits your requirements perfectly.

If you have never bought a bike before in your life, or unsure about how to buy a bike online in the Philippines, the following guide is all about providing you with a clear perspective of this healthy investment.

Why do a test ride?

A bike is a world of experiences and if you pick the best bike, bike frame, wheel size and various other components to suit your intentions for the bike, you will be inclined to use it more often. The right bike for you functions as an extension of your own body in navigating parks, cities, mountain trails and more.

It would be foolish to buy a bike that clashes with your riding style, eventually, you will grow tired of the machine or it will buckle under pressure.

For this reason, the best place to begin your search for the best bike is with a list of activities, locations, and distances you hope to visit on your bike.

Once you have a better idea of the use you will get from your bike you can consider which bike is the best for you. Time to visit a SID bike shop and have a look at the selections there. If you don’t find the bike of your dreams in the shop, you will have some new parameters that will make looking online a bit easier.

There are also Philippino bike clubs, biking events, rental centers and many more places you can go to get a feel for the options available. The more you know about the bike you want the better your selection will be.

The Test Ride

Before you go for a test ride, make sure you go prepared. Many of the bikes available at your department store, flea market or bike shop will not be ready to ride, so you should familiarize yourself with tire pressure and other features before heading out. If you aren’t actually familiar with gear ratios and how they operate, get some experience on a rental or friend’s bike before buying one for yourself. Maybe, you don’t even need that kind of aggravation.

Sizing the Bike at a reputable bike store they will make this adjustment for you. But, if you are buying at a department store, for example, you will need to do this for yourself.
Bikes will be measured by the size of the frame and the size of the frame is decided by the length of the seat tube. This is the central post that runs from the base of the seat to the axel between the crankshafts leading to the pedals. Making sure this measurement is right for you is the first step to getting the best bike for you.

If you are an exceptionally tall Philippino, over 6 ft. you may need a larger measurement like 20”. Most people will do just fine with an 18” posts and shorter people may need a 16” post. If you have already found a bike that is a good size, take a note of the measurements.

Use a tape measure to record the measurements of the seat tube so you can look for other bikes with this ratio. Remember that online you will need to convert these measurements to metric units as the bike world typically measures in cm.

Finally, remember that the frame of your bike is not the final criteria for the best bike for you. There are a few other things that should be noted as well. For example, when your foot is rested on the pedal in its highest position, your leg from hip to knee should not reach a horizontal level. When the pedal is in its lowest position your foot should be rested flat with your leg fully extended. This way you will be able to touch the ground with your toe. If the bike doesn’t allow for this positioning, it is not a good size for you.

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