What computer networking is?

Leaving in these modern times means that you need to constantly build up your knowledge, and make sure that you truly understand the world around you. Computers are everywhere, and they became very important part of everyday life of many people all around the globe. You have heard about computer networking so many times before for sure, but have you ever really wondered what computer networking actually is? Here is a little explanation that will help you to understand it a little bit better.

Computer networking actually means that two or more computers are linked in order to share certain data. Those networks are built with mixture of computer software and computer hardware. Networks are categorized in a few entirely different ways. One of the main approaches in making a difference between networks is according to network’s geographic area. There are two main types of computer networks such as LAN – Local area networks: Those networks are usually networks created in one house or apartment, some small office, or school or college. On the other hand, there are WAN – wide area networks: those computer networks reach across states, cities or the whole globe. When you think a bit more, you can come to the conclusion that Internet actually is largest public wide area network (WAN), in the entire world.

The other difference between computer networks is their design. Once again, there are two main types of networks which are completely different because of their design. First one is client/server network – server computers which are storing files, web pages, emails and some other applications; the other one is peer to peer: in this case, all computers supporting all the same functions. Peer to peer networks are common in homes and client/server networks are common in businesses.

Some networks must be properly maintained by engineers, and on the other hand there are home networks, and those networks belong to people who often have not even a little technical background. Those networks can be easily setup and they are used for files sharing. Home networks today are a lot better then they used to be, because modern technologies are constantly improving. Back in times, people could just set their networks in order to share certain documents. Today, people can network so many different things such as smartphones, digital video recorders, consoles, etc. Business networks are a little bit different that home networks, and the main difference is the fact that home networks contain one LAN, and on the other hand, business networks have several LANs.

The thing is, whole computer networking field became more popular and start to increase since WWW – Word Wide Web was created. That happened during the 1990s.

How to choose the best computer screen

Computer screens also known as computer monitors are one of the essential part of you computer in general. You have the best components in the world, but without a proper screen, all of that means nothing. If you are planning to buy new monitor, there are specific things that needs to be checked. When you are buying something as important as computer screen, never rush yourself, no matter how excited you are. Spending the money is the easiest task in the world, but smart shopping is not so easy. If you really want to buy something that will suit your needs, be careful, patient, and put some effort in the whole story. That is how you will be sure that you bought the best thing.

On the first look, you may say: all computer monitors are the same; it is not so important which one I will buy. That is so not true. The market is full of different models, and you should choose and buy the one that will be perfect for you. Before you go and buy the screen, you need to carefully think through.

- Shape and size – You need to know that computer screens can be found in different shapes and different sizes to choose from. It is up to you what will you choose, but make sure to fit the size and shape to the room in which the computer screen will be placed.

- Flat screens – Most of the screens that you will see on the market are flat. You can find the “old” models too, but when you think about it, flat screens are much better option. First of all, they look so nice, but that is not all. They will fit anywhere, because they are pretty thin, which is a great option, especially if you are living in the small apartment – you won’t feel like the screen took all of your working area.

-Resolution – Computer screens can be found in different resolutions. You need to choose the one with resolution that will be perfect for your needs and the work you will perform on your computer. If you are not sure which resolution will be the best for you, before you buy the computer screen, talk to the sellers, and let them give you some tips.

- Color and style – this is also very important. Truth to be told, you will look at that monitor every day, especially if you plan to use it for your own home business, and that is why you need to choose something you actually like to look. Computer screens can be found in different colors and styles, so make sure to pick one that will completely suite your personal style and desires.

What is the Cisco Network Academy ?

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a company created in The United States of America, with a headquarter in San Jose California. This company is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to creating and manufacturing and selling various networking equipment. This company was developed in 1984 by the Stanford’s small group of scientist.
Cisco Systems is a large corporation which is the leader in producing various networking services and products. Corporation is best known by their networks router line. When it comes to routers, they are designing and developing routers from the basic ones, to the most professional top-end routers. Of course, routers are not the only thing the company producing; there are also video conferencing systems, VPN, storage, etc. Products and services are so rich, and you can find so many different things that Cisco Systems is offering such as hardware and software, VoIP services, network emergency response, etc. From the moment the company was created, until today, they provided so many innovations and one of those innovations was cost effective networks. But very soon, runners of the company came to the conclusion that educated and skilled people will be needed to maintain all those networks. All of that led to creating Cisco Networking Academy.
Cisco networking academy start with its work in 1997. On this academy, students have the chance to learn a lot about networking in general, but that is not all. Education is based on achieving many other IT related skills. Students have the chance to learn and to be prepared for their future jobs trough different internships. From the moment academy started with the work, many students went trough this educational system, gaining needed knowledge and becoming successful. Many of them were prepared for their jobs and some further education in computer science, engineering and related fields.
Cisco academy offering so many different courses in the field of networking, and some of those courses are:
- Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and this course if offered in two different models Discovery (general networking theory) and Exploration ( for advanced learners).
- Cisco Certified Network professional (CCNP)
-Network Security
-Wireless Networking

Cisco recognized that interned education is one of the crucial things of these new and modern times that have already come. They have noticed that well trained individuals who are capable to solve any kind of issue are more than needed. Cisco network academy expanded its work into many different countries and nations, providing needed education for the future workers. They also recognized that India has a huge deficit of professionals in computer networking, and they developed training program which still making a huge and important impact on thousands of lives in that country.